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Landing Page

Conversion Focused

Page with reduced content and to the point, generally used as part of a marketing strategy to publicize a specific business, product or service.


Why are our Landing Pages so attractive?

The design of the site will reflect the likes of the client as their opinion will be taken into account.

Easy navigation, all the information on the same page.

The design and layout of the content makes it easy to read and assimilate the information.

Direct contact that facilitate the visitor’s decision by not having distracting elements.

Easy navigation on mobile devices. (Fits Pc, Tablet, Cell Phones, etc).

PLAN and Features

What does a Landing Page include?

Modern and custom web design
Responsive (visible on all devices)
Contact form and Google Maps
Optimized for SEO
Whatsapp (shortcut)
Fast and secure site
Links to social networks

Semestral fee (*)

* You pay twice a year. First 6 month are free of charge

What does the semestral fee include?

Hosting / Server: Hosting your website on the Internet.
SSL Certificate: Certification to make your website secure (Https)
Mails: Up to 5 email accounts (ej.
Back-up: Regular copy of your website to avoid data loss.
Technical Support: In case your site suffers technical issues.

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